EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

Six Tips on How to Use EDDM Prints to Promote Small Business

Using EDDM prints has significant contributions to the whole marketing campaign of a local business. With this, you can directly mail a list of your products or services to potential clients and current client base.  The hardest part of launching a local business is getting your name into every household.  The EDDM has made it easier for direct mail marketing. More and more starting entrepreneurs have taken the opportunity of this marketing technique, because of its proven effectiveness. Here are the top 6 tips to get the most out of EDDM to promote your image and get large increase in sales.

1. Plan the campaign carefully

Using direct mail is cost effective and the Return of Investment (ROI) is rewarding. However, anything that costs money must entail proper planning. Devote enough time, about several weeks or a month, to set out the objectives you want to achieve. Determining these goals will allow you to clearly establish your target market and the content of your promotions.

2. Determine Target Market

In using EDDM prints, you must evaluate your area of operation to determine client-rich spots that will provide you opportunities to market your business. Normally, you can use a mapping tool to easily pinpoint the addresses that your mailer must visit and who are the recipients of your direct mail.  It is ideal to be in proximity to your first recipient then reach out to new areas with your next target clients.

3. Attractive yet businesslike design

Your promotional materials must have attractive layout and design, but make certain to retain the business atmosphere. It will certainly cost you more to hire a professional designer, but you can be spared from the hassle of producing the material especially if you don’t have any professional background.  Skilled graphic designers can provide you the best design that is suitable to the nature and purpose of your business.  With enticing images and vivid colors, your prints will be effective.

4. Add coupons or promo vouchers

The EDDM prints that you send in direct mail must be something new, and it must offer unique deals for your clients. Including coupons or promo vouchers will convince your potential clients to visit your place and try our products or services. You can also ask the help of your printer to add a tracking mechanism for these coupons so that you can trace it back when your clients receive it.

5. Wait for timing

As the saying goes, timing is everything. You must prepare and plan well to grab the best timing for your marketing campaign using direct mail. Certainly, it is an epic fail to send flyers announcing a weekend sale if you know most of your potential clients will be out. Determine the peak and lean season of your business then wait for the proper time to launch your promotions.

6. Get the services of a reliable provider

Using EDDM for your business promotions entails loads of paper and leg work. So to spare yourself from hassles, you can get the services of a reliable printing and mailing agency to take care of everything you need. So while you focus on other important aspects of managing your business, the mailing company will supervise your direct mail marketing

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