Are Rolodex Cards a Useful Promotional Tool?



A rolodex is actually a rotating file device in order to store your business information. These rolodex cards are special shaped index cards. The user will write the contact information for a company on every card. Thus, the rolodex is the rotating index file card holder kept for easy operation by your fingers. It’s actually a box with a spindle in the center where various cards are attached like the spokes in one end, information on the other side which faces the worker. There are several filing systems which are used over hundred years of offices, but none of them has been renowned as the rolodex. Now, it has become the famous filing system all over the world.


The rolodexes are a popular brand of the rotary card files that’s organized in order to store contact information. This information is very important in the event of computer crash, for which the rolodexes still have a place on your desk as the paper backup. The rolodexes organize the business cards and the contacts in an alphabetical manner, so that you get an easy access to the information which you need.


Usage of rolodex cards


If you want to use a rolodex card, you have to purchase it fromany retail or an office supply store. Write the address, name,email address, telephone number and other information on a separate card. If you have the business card of the person, then you can staple it to the blank card. Arrange the cards in an alphabetic manner in your file. For instance, place the cards of the businesses and people and then start with the letter “A” of the Rolodex printing. Next, you need to update your Rolodex and remove the cards with outdated information. The cards slip out of the rolodex very easily.


Print rolodex cards on your PC


If you want to print rolodex cards, then the quality of the paper stock and the perforations are the important factors that raise the cost. Printing the rolodex cards is the matter of selecting the proper label template. Free Postcard Printing Samples Free Postcard Printing Samples

Choose the rolodex stock, software and the label template


Select the brand and the size of the Rolodex cards that you really want to use. The office supply stores have national brands and often these stores have their own store brand. If you are printing cards for the customers, then you can use the higher end material. If the cards are of internal use, then it may be inexpensive.


Choose the software that you want to use and produce the Rolodex cards. Your favorite word processing or database package will support the templates.The label software is quite inexpensive if you wish to explore the option.


You can treat the rolodex cards as they are labels. Create the label template in order to match the page layout and rolodex card dimensions. There are several software packages that support labels, like Microsoft Office and Open Office have a template for rolodex cards. You have to just match the number of the box and insert the shipped labels in order to correct number from the list of the labels in your software package. If you want you can create your own template by entering the required dimensions through the labels option in the page layout section of the software package.


Produce rolodex cards


  • If all the rolodex cards are same for the distribution to the customers and clients, then you can layout the information and graphics the way you desire it to be printed. If your software has the option to replicate the design of all the cards, then select this option. Or, you have to copy and paste in order to fill up all the spaces on the sheet. You can also print the cards on any other label if you want.


  • Make sure that the printer of the paper transport mechanism is set in order to print the card stock. Next, print the rolodex cards like any other document.


  • Next, you can bend the printed cards in both the directions along the perforated edges. Then, tear along the perforations and then punch the small pieces of USPS postcard prints around the tabs.



The rolodex card is the index file. The concept of the wheel file inspired desktop calendar where you can easily view a year full of calendar days. The rolodexhas become the basis of the large filing systems where the larger pages of the data are stored for easy access. These files will stand upright with the slot where the pages of binders or data can be stored for immediate reference.


Useful Marketing Tool

The rolodex cards are very common marketing tool for your business. These cards are normally used by small and big companies. These cards are printed with the company’s logo including the name of the owner, the customized rolodex cards are made with the employees and their addresses and contact numbers. The customized rolodex cards are economical and also proved effective in spreading names and the information about the business of your targeted market.These cards are the best promotional tools. The full color rolodex cards will give an attractive and memorable demonstration of your business. This is the time where you can compare your business in the market. It’s very important to leave a lasting impression on the clients and the business competitors.


All the above things are possible if you give importance to the official requirements. Whenever you try tomovewith your business details, that is products, plans, services, marketing structure, policies, you have to use promotional items. There are several companies who use this card as business cards or they will create the business cards in the shape of the rolodex cards. A customized rolodex business card is used to keep all the information if your company’s meetings and projects. These cards will give a good impression to the clients. It’s very difficult to find the business card from the business rack cards, but for the rolodex cards, it’s very easy to find. If you are using rolodex device, then you have to print the rolodex cards. The customized rolodex cards will show artistic images which will attract more viewers.